i-MED Improving Medical Education and Health Care Delivery through Diaspora Engagement

German based Doctors share skills and improve medical Training

German based Doctors share skills and improve medical Training

  iMED Academy  

A team of Doctors and Health Care Specialists  from Germany were in Cameroon with the Imed-Academy to facilitate training activities in the following Fields: 1-Wound Management, 2. ECG – Technician and Interpretation Course and 3: Medical Ultrasound Course.  The Team from Germany included: Dr. Awunti Mundi, Gastroenterologist, Dr. Susan Aweh, Resident in Cardiology, Mr. Friederike Roesner, Nurse, Wound Care Specialist and Dr. Ivo Azeh, Oncologist. Within the iMED-Academy, Training Programes are fascilited together with Doctors from Cameroon to network and improve the colleagial exchange. The home doctors included Dr Frank Zuna of the regional hospital in Limbe, Dr Simo gynaecologist at Limbe Regional hospital and Dr Oben, Radiologist at the Buea regional hospital.

The  ECG-Training Course  lasted 4 days, 01-04.04.2014. The Training was conducted by Dr. Susan Aweh, Dr. Ivo Azeh and Dr. Frank Zuna. There were 19 Participants in the Course:  11 technicians from the various Baptist health care centres, a nursing teacher ,  5 final year medical students from the University of Buea  and 2 Doctors.Training material included a modern cardiovascular Patient Monitor with a 10 Chanel ECG and a modern 12 Chanel ECG-Machine, with integrated Printer and  a screen. The Practical Training took Place at the Baptist Hospital Mutengene with Volunteers and Patients with cardiac Problems. The training was very fruitful as the students were so excited when they heard about the course and its quality; they persuaded their dean at the university to grant permission for the visiting doctors a go ahead to teach them the course at the University.  The Program was improvised to provide ECG-Training to some other  30 final Students of the Buea University from 08-10.0414, by Dr. Susan  Aweh.

The first Training on  Chronic Wound Management  within the iMED-Acadamy was organized for 4 days from 07-10.04.14 at the Protestant Hospital in Ngaoundere.  The wound management Training for Nurses was conducted by Mrs. Friederike Roesner and Dr. Yves Obiombok, Traumatologist bast in Ngaoundere.  20 Nurses absolved the Training and were awarded at Participation Certificate. About some 30 Patients with chronic wound were treated during the Training Workshop so participants could directly apply the knowledge acquired.

The 3rd Training Activity was the medical Ultrasound Course Part I:  abdominal ultrasound, Gynaecology, Obstetrics and small parts. Participants included 12 Sonographers from the various Imaging Departments of the various Baptist Health Services and 4 Final Year medical Students. Course Instructors  were Dr Awunti Mundi, Dr  Emmanuel Oben the radiologist from Buea regional hospital and Dr Simo,  gynaecologist from the Limbe regional hospitals. The course lasted 5 days which entailed the introduction to ultrasound and the practical aspect.

In the mornings  lectures were given based on the concept of ultrasound and its application and different Modes as well as  a profound Review of the anatomy and pathphyosiology. In  Afternoons the Practical Training was conducted in the Hospitals.

The iMED-Academy provided 2 modern , portable digital Ultrasound Machines (Chison)  with all new modern features of medical Ultrasound  that was used for practical training.

The Participants spent two Afternoons  at the Buea regional hospital with Dr Oben who provided Training particularly in Gynaecological Ultrasound. The nice thing about the ultrasound course was that the Sononographers and image Technicians in the course were from the same employer, the Cameroon Baptist health service which is the 3rd biggest health service provider in Cameroon. The  Sonographers came  from all their main branches; in Mbingo, Bamenda, Mbopi Douala, Etoug-Ebe Yaounde and that of Mutengene. The whole team was amazing as they knew each other, and where the others were working. . This made it very easy for the instructors to easily communicate with the Participants  and for Participants to exchange amongst themselves. A follow-up Training on Ultrasound, or  advanced Ultrasound  Training with the same participants is planned  sometime next year. Upon Completion of this second part, participants will be awarded the iMED-Certificate on Medical Ultrasound.

Assessments made on the visit

Positively, there was a well serviced structure with everything they needed to carry out their programs. The Baptist service complex in has all the facilities needed for training: A hostel for lodging, a Restaurant and an air conditioned  Seminar room with the necessary audio-visual installation.

The doctors who participated as instructors were also very cooperative  and generous as they volunteered to teach without the usual per Diem.

For challenges, the logistic that they had that that their machines would get here on time didn’t work out and they had to make do with those that were available around here. So this made it very challenging at the beginning but everything was ok when their machines got here

One of the challenges too was the problem of teaching materials; they had the impression students would have materials for their training like exercise books and text books but realized students didn’t have the basic materials. They did the training with presentations and short films but that wasn’t enough as they had to provide books to the students. Students demanded for photocopies or their texts, next time, they will have to come with books and educational materials for the students.

Also safeguarding the training equipment brought in so they don’t get damaged or stolen.

Financial constraints;  Cost of living in Cameroon has risen highly especially in Logistics: Internet, Telecommunication and Traveling.

Things to change for next time

Improve on the Cost Management, Logistics: Getting all training Equipment ready on the Spot well ahead of time.  Get appropriate Material for Participants if available, prepare a Material Checklist  and Literature List for Participants.

Training Assessment

The doctors realized that the medical students do not cover the apparatus diagnostic procedures. . There was some theoretical background but practical Knowledge on how to use and interpret the Results of these instruments were lacking. This is absolutely necessary in order  to improve the quality of health Care delivery through the use of modern technology.

Also, the imagery technicians do only two year of studies and go to hospitals where they are expected  lead doctors to diagnosis and thus are under a lot of pressure in their health services. Several years of continuous training is needed for them to catch up with Anatomy, Pathophysiology Differential Diagnosis.

For their PR Doctor Susan took care of it. The programs and training was officially launched by the Delegate of health Dr Njie , the Chief Medical Officer of the Baptist Hospital  Dr. Gad Fokum and various Managers of the CBC-Health Service. and six press representatives were present at the event. Many Thanks to Dr. Gerald Frunjang Tabeteh , Gen. Manager of the CBC Cental Pharmacy and Member of Camfomedics, who did all the Arrangements and Organization before the iMED-Team arrived.