i-MED Improving Medical Education and Health Care Delivery through Diaspora Engagement


Hands-on Workshop

The i.MED academy has the right Physician and Specialist Resources to provide practical on-the-job workshops to help meet the professional needs of the Cameroonian Health Worker.

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Improving Medical Education

i.MED is dedicated to Improving Medical Education and Health Care Delivery through Diaspora Engagement

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Teaching minimally invasive techniques

Improve facilities with donated customised and sustainable "minimally invasive" medical equipments as well as the training on the use of these equipments.

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The goal of the project is to facilitate skills sharing between medical specialists in Cameroon and the Diaspora; and institutionalising Continuous Medical Education.
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Upcoming Events

Date: 16-Oct-2017 to 20-Oct-2017

  Capacity: 200

Location: NGAOUNDERE, Grande Salle de l´OSEELC

Chair Person: Dr. Yves Obiombok

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Date: 21-Oct-2016 to 22-Oct-2016

  Capacity: 200

Location: Mbingo Hospital

Chair Person: Dr Rebecca Bucker

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Date: 19-Oct-2016 to 22-Oct-2016

  Capacity: 200

Location: University of Buea

Chair Person: Not Mentioned

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Date: 14-Aug-2016 to 20-Aug-2016

  Capacity: 200

Location: Yaounde

Chair Person: Dr Anderson Kuetche

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i-MED Academy Educational Activities


As a volunteer what is put in place for me?
  1. Complete Organisation of Workshops, Programs, Worksheets, didactic Materials 
  2. Provide Clinical Material / Equipment you need 
  3. Registration and Temporal Permit for Medical Practice in Cameroon 
  4. Travel and Professional liability insurance 
  5. Travel Arrangements 
  6. In some institutions, accommodation will be provided
What activities does i.MED offer in Cameroon?

Hands-on Workshops Grand Rounds
Conferences Smart Courses Lectures & Symposium
Endoscopic Techniques
Electro Cardiography
Ultrasound Techniques
Our activities

Who is behind i.MED

A Professional Networking Academy for Doctors, Health Professionals & Students Worldwide with special focus to improve Health Care delivery in Cameroon.


  • Alain Nguento
    Alain Nguento Chefarzt Klinik für Neurologie Uckermark - Germany

    i.MED is the direct involvement of the Diaspora in the medical system in Cameroon

  • Oscar Kono Kono
    Oscar Kono Kono Opthalmologist Kontanz - Germany

    i.MED is a Lifestyle - Giving Engagement a new Value

  • Yvette Kibuh
    Yvette Kibuh Obstetrics & Gynaecology Essen - Germany

    i.MED is the contribution of the Diaspora inimproving medical care in Cameroon